Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vietnamese Salad

In case you can't already tell, Sage Vegan Bistro is my new favorite spot. This is what I ordered the first time I dinned there. It is their Vietnamese Salad. It's served with thin strips of spicy seitan, red pepper, carrot, crimini mushrooms, lemon mint, and thai basil topped with cucumbers on baby greens and served with a ginger sesame dressing and tahini. If that does not make your mouth water then your taste buds must be flavor impaired. The spicy seitan is the best I've had thus far. You may want to ask them to go a little easy on the ginger sesame dressing. It's just another great meal from Sage.

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  1. Hi JeSsica...this is Greg...head chef at sage vegan bistro. Thank you for the great reviews...I stumbled across them while looking for things to put on the new sage blog. Check it out. Www.sageveganbistro.blogspot.com
    It means alot to me that you like my creations!!!
    Come say hi sometime. I work every night after 5. If you haven't tried the dinner menu...it's different...more fine dining!!!
    You can find me in the kitchen!